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How do I Know if I Have Pest Problems?

The most frustrating thing about pests is that you often don’t realize they have moved in. Insects are tiny and tend to use small cracks and crevices to invade your home. Larger pests, such as mice or rats, are nocturnal so their nighttime movements often go unnoticed. When you partner with Natural Pest Control you can proactively safeguard your home or business from pest and insect populations. Left unchecked, pest and insect infestations can really get the better of your home. And, not only do pests endanger your home but also the health of those inside.

Every pest infestation leaves behind some sign of the pest’s presence. Look for grime or other buildups on walls, smeared droppings, or bite damage on fabric and paper. See if you can smell strange odors in your basement, attic, or crawlspace. Check pest-prone areas consistently to look for changes. If you can learn to identify pest infestations quickly, you can take action to remove them sooner. The sooner you can remove pest infestations, the lower the chance that they’ll do permanent damage or spread.

Types of Pests

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What Pests are you Having Trouble with?

Is your family bugged by pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies, or mice? You’re not alone. You can effectively control or kill pests when you take action to starve them out, dry them out, and keep them out. Like humans, pests need three critical elements to survive: food, water, and shelter. By following three simple and effective steps, you can protect your family’s health and safety while controlling annoying pests.


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